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    Help A Friend Lose Weight

    Hey guys....First id like to thank all of u for helping me find m1t....In fact my results are so great I dont think ill be needing any " real " gear for a while...Ok heres the situation...A buddy of mine is REALLLLLLY out of shape to be nice....Hes 22 years old 6'1 375 lbs....Yes 375 LBS!....I Kno its gonna take something as simple as gettin off his ass to lose some of it....But he gets very discouraged easy when he doesent see fast results....Im going to visit him for 2 weeks this month and im draging him to the gym with me everyday....Now my question is please help me find something safe for him to take at his weight....Also a plan for eating and lifting....I kno I can count on you guys thanks again!

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    Id first get him up to walk for an hour first thing in the morning. Shoot over to the diet forum, explain to them what youre doing. Look over the cutting threads etc. For someone that heavy you never know what kind of condition their heart is in, and what kind of blood pressure he has, so I would avoid any supplements to aid in the fat loss, atleast none like ephedrine caffeine yohimbine.

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    Do not drag your friend to the gym everyday, remember, it's kind of like real estate when they say location, location, location. With working out, we say compliance, compliance, compliance. So don't torture the poor guy, give him something fun to do.

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    just take it slow with him, get his diet in check and he will be fine

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    Ah, my kind of post. I had success with ECA, lost 80 lbs. Losing weight is pretty simple.. more calories burned then consumed = loss in weight. Have him eat 5 small meals about every 2-3 hours to keep his metabolism up, his first meal being after 20-30 minutes walking at an incline in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, I didn't eat atleast 2 hours before I went to sleep. How fast he wants to lose the weight will be decided by how low he wants to go with the calories. I'm not suggesting the kid starve himself.. but if he wants to get in shape it's gonna take some discipline.

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