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    Help needed for 2 week M1T cycle PCT please guys


    Sorry for another M1T post but I cant find this info anywhere.

    Im currently taking 10mg ED of M1T and no 4-ad. Im doing a 2 week cycle for my first time round.

    I have liquid Nolva and Clomid for my PCT. I have 50ml of each and the concentrations are:
    Nolva 20mg/ml
    Clomid 50mg/ml

    I need to know how much to take and for how long. I want to be able to get two, 2week cycles out of what I have.

    Anyone had any experience of this or have any suggestions.

    One member said I should run a full 4 week PCT for this but that will use nearly everything I have and seems a bit excessive as nearly everyone else says 2 weeks on cycle then 2 weeks PCT.

    Anyone want info on running a 4 week M1T cycle should read this:
    M1t FAQ

    Cheers people

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    Clomid - 100 mg/ED
    Nolvadex - 20 mg/ED
    Both for 14 days.

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    Nice One again NSA

    Thanks alot for the reply NSA, an answer from you is one I feel I can rely on.

    The link in the first post is to NSA's M1T faq. Everyone that is thinking about using M1T again or for the first time should take the time to read this thread, its an education!


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