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Thread: legal stack

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    legal stack

    Alright I did some research I am 25 73" 210 w/ 19-20% bf. I have been training for approx three years I have about a years experiance with anabolic steroids . I plan on staying legal this next time around. cycle

    weeks 1-4 m1t 15-20 mgs ed
    weeks 1-4 derma 4/ad 10 sprays broken up twice a day.
    should I go a little more than the recommended dose since Im 210 lbs?

    I was wondering if the legal hgh would be benificial to add to this.

    PCT/clomid: day1 300mg days 2-10 100 mgs days 10-21 50 mgs. Good enough? Oh I will also look in to some milk thistle.

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    it sounds like you got it bro.
    my cycle is just like that 4 weeks of 20 mg m1t and 4derm. a gram of milk thistle and 10 mg of nolvadex .
    and ofcourse pct .

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    The legal hgh is fake man its not real

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    Looks pretty good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYWHITE

    I was wondering if the legal hgh would be benificial to add to this.
    All HGH is legal, so not so clear on this.

    If you are referring to the HGH sprays made out of deer antlers and toad's balls, save your money, it is pure BS.

    Doing PCT is very prudent. Since your cycle is only four weeks, it is probably overkill, but better to be save than sorry with the little boys downstairs.

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    meh im 220, i just started my m1t cycle monday, im keeping it at 10mg ed just for this time around to see how it worked. I had done a cycle of 1-ad/4-ad @600mg ED but it did nothing. If this doesnt do much I probably do another in 10 weeks at 20mg ed.

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