I'm following a CKD diet with good results.

I've just come across glucomannan.

I wonder, with the type of diet I'm following, would it have any beneficial applications and if so, would that be on low-carb days (ketosis state), refeed (carb up) days or all throughout the diet?

As a fibre product, I think it falls into the 'net impact' carbs scenario. Now I don't want to get into a debate about this term (done that elsewhere). I'm happy that so called 'non impact' carbs have minimal effect on blood sugar levels (Krebs cycle and all that).

Now this stuff swells in your stomach to 50 times its size - that is kinda worrying, but if it helps me with my CKD then I'll take it. It's just that I've not seen glucomannan advocated (or not advocated) as part of a supplement regime on a CKD.

Anyone advice please?