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    question on trib. your thoughts please

    a while back i did a course of sust 250 at 500mg a wk for 10 wks. i gained and maintained 17lbs. i went up 26 but lost some. i was pretty happy with that. now ive been taking trib on a heavy dose for the past 2 weeks and ive found im hornier on it than i was on test. and im also lifting really well. nearly the same as i was at my peak on sust. so im just going to keep smashing the trib and see what my results are like. im taking about 4500mg a day over 4 doses. its about twice the recomended dose on the vial i guess but im doubting thats a problem.

    have any of you ever examined closely how trib has effected you? id like to hear your thoughts. cheers...

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    Anything that raises your T levels is good!

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    I ordered a crazy amount. I will let you know how it is at that dosage.

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