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    Clen on an empty stomache or with food?

    Hey guys, I plan on using the clen handbook as a guide but there are two points that arent very clear to me, Ill be doing my morning cardio first thing in the morning and understand that clen should be taken after as to not interfere with my workout but how long afterwards? 15 mintues good enough? Also Should I take all my pills at once? Ill only be going up to 100 mg, or should I space em out? And the last question is should I do my cardio, wait 15 mins take my clen then wait half an hour? Or should clen be taken in after food? Thanks.

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    Fifteen minutes should be fine. Yeah take the pills all at once. Again, fifteen minutes after cardio should be fine. Taking it on an empty stomach is fine too. Just be sure to use potassium and taurine as told in the clen handbook. Good luck.

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    I took it 30mins prior and i didnt notice any issues.

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    does not matter

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