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    M1T + 4-AD - Help

    Hi! It is my first post at Anabolic Review.
    After reading M1T FAQ, I decided to try M1T + 4-AD.
    I have 22 years old, 155lb, 8% BF.

    I have access to these two Pro-Hormones:
    - Higher Power M1T - 120 caps
    Serving Size: 1 Capsule
    Servings Per Container: 120
    Amount Per Serving:
    Methyl-1-Testosterone 5mg

    - Legal Gear LGP 4-AD+ (transdermal)
    Serving Size: 2 mL
    Servings Per Container: 120
    Amount Per Serving:
    17a-Methyl-4-Androstene-3, 17b-diol 4.2mg
    4-Androstene-4, 17b-ol-3-one 25mg
    4-Androstene-3, 17b-diol 50mg

    My questions are..

    1. Are these brands trustworthy? What other brands do you indicate?
    2. 20mg M1T ED and 8mL 4-AD ED is good dosage for a 4 weeks cycle? I have already used 1-AD at low dosages.
    3. Can I use 6-OXO at PCT, or it should be Clomis as writen in the FAQ?


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    First, read this:

    But to answer your questions in general, the brands are fine. All M1T is the same compound so there is no difference between them. As for the 4-AD you have, I don't have any experience with that. I have only used Dermabolics 4-AD which only contains 4-Androstenediol. I would tend to think though that you would not want to use 2 methylated compounds in a stack. I believe this is all explained in the M1T FAQ.

    Also, I would only start with 10mg of M1T for a 4 week cycle. Especially at your weight of 155, you should not need anymore than that. Whether you use 10 or 20 mg's, your gains, especially for a first cycle of it would probably end up about the same. However, a double dose will be much harder on your liver.

    As for PCT, you want to use both clomid and nolvadex . Both may not be necessary, but as a precaution I would recommend it. 6-OXO is crap. Again, all this is explained in the link above.

    Good luck Bro...

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    yes these brands are trustworthy. I am looking to try Legal Gear 4-AD for my next M1T cycle, the gel looks easy to use with no waist.
    I think 20mg is a little high @ 155lbs. I'm 205lbs and am in week 4 of M1T-4AD, doing 15mg i don't think i will go to 20mg on my next cycle.
    My last cycle i used 6-oxo for pct, felt like crap and lost alot of my gains very quickly.
    This time i have Nolva And Clomid ready to go. i used 6-oxo in week 3-4 and it stopped the bloated feeling i had.
    I'ts pretty simple really man, it's all trial and error. You either read the info on the board, learn from it and put it into action... or make the mistakes yourself and learn from that.
    sweet man go hard and good luck.

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    darn, i just bought 6oxo after reading that after a cycle of 1ad and 4ad it was important to cycle this so you keep your gains.

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    Thanks guys!
    I will take 10mg of M1T..

    I have more few questions about 4-AD Trandermal..
    What range of LGP 4-AD dosage is a good deal?
    8mL (16.8mg - 17a-Methyl-4-Androstene-3 ) is too much?

    There is 2 methylated compounds in this stack..
    The 20mg M1T damage to my liver is aprox. equal to 10mg M1T + LGP 4-AD damage?

    Thanks again!

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