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    ph cutting cycle advice?

    going to stack the following for 6 weeks
    transdermal 4-ad 400mg ed weeks 1-4
    m4ohn 12mg ed weeks 1-6
    winny tabs 25mg/ed weeks 1-6
    pct with clomid, novel,and clen
    let me know what yall think of this //if anthing should be changed etc.
    trying to put together a good cut cycle.please help especially if youve tried something similar before. thanks alot
    theres no m1-t because it is a cut cycle and last time i tried it the hair loss kicked my ass. the cycle was m1-t and 4ad. could the 4ad contribute to hairloss on the cut cycle? I hope not.

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    Do yoga not steroids!!!
    Bro if your prone to hairloss why are you running winny? Winny is pretty hard on the hairline. 4-ad shouldn't cause hairloss. Since your prone to hairloss, I'd drop the winny, and bump up the dosage of the m4ohn.

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    Good advice

    Try like 32mgs + ed of m4ohn for good results.

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