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    Chrysin Estrogen inhibitor

    Has anyone used or heard of a supplement called chrysin, its supposed to bind up estrogen in the body and help ye crap it out whilst helping boost natural testosterone production or so it says in aritcles ive read about it.

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    i have read that chrysin only works in vivo or basically in a test tube .are body cant absurb it for **** but it works basically on paper. thats why i used sci fits estrosupress a 60x0 chrysin combo just because its cheaper the ergo farm and its the same dose plus the chrysin. so basically just try it. its cheaper then the stright 60x0 with the bonus chrysin cant hurt to try it mabee some will get absurbed . try taking with a cup of grape fruit juice it kills the acid in your stomach that eats up the supps thats real info medically proved so just take with grapefruit juice.

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