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    small case of gyno

    Currently on pct from my m1t//4ad cycle... I'm running clomid and milk thistle, didn't think I would need anti-e as how b4 when I ran a m1t//4derm cycle I didn't have need for it. But I have a small case of gyno at 1st I thought I was just being paranoid but now I can feel the lump and it will be a while till the nolva comes in... I still have some 6oxo from ancient years ago when I didn't know better (like year and a half ago) Should I run that till the nolvadex comes and I know it sucks for raising test levels but how is it for anti-e? I figure just as crapy but it doens't hurt to ask.

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    If I were you, I'd go ahead and run the 6oxo till the nolva comes in. Before I found AR I did a megabol-x and 1-ad cycle. On the first day my nips started feeling funny. So I jumped on some 6oxo, and the weird feeling went away.

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    PM me for nolva references if needed!!!


    run clomid at high doses to see if it helps.

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