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Thread: Cortisol?

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    they say to consume 30-40g of protein prior and during you workout, and 60-80 carbs to keep your cortisol at bay. but i thought that you wanted an empty stomach during workouts to keep the blood in your muscles and not in your stomach breaking down foods. was wondering when to take your preworkout shakes and also if its a good idea to sip on a protein and creatine shake throughout your workout?

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    As long as your workouts aren't much longer than 45 minutes, then cortisol shouldn't be too much of an issue. Try to eat a meal at least 1 hour before training, or your parasympthetic nervous system kicks in, and your body will want to save energy for digestion, instead of working out. So if you want to sip on something, then sip on some water in between sets. Hope this helps.

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