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Thread: Cutting

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    YO! I think my metabolism is finally starting to slow down now, bro's, now that I am almost 27 yrs old! Not such a good thing, though, because I am putting on muscle weight (good), but also my stomach is growing (BAD!) and I can't get away with eating 4,000 calories a day like I usually do! I know it all starts with dieting, but I would also like some suggetions on what is the best cutting product out there--something that won't give me a heart attack while working out and ephedra free, of course! Also, will all cutting suppliments make me sweat all day at my desk?? God I hope not!

    Any suggestions? What seems to work for you?? Thanks guys!

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    Just eat cleaner foods. Also, increasing the number of meals you eat each day increases your appetite. Base your diet around chicken, turkey, rice and oatmeal. I personally don't do cutting diets or do cardio. Just eat clean food and your good. If after that you still need a supplement to help, go with alternating ecy and clen .

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