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Thread: Vaso XP

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    Vaso XP

    Hey fellas I know a lot of people probably thing supps like Vaso Xp are trash...but i thought I might give it a try today as I had some luck back in the day with No2. Anyone else giving Vaso a try as well? I'll get back to everyone with some results throughout the weeks.....


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    I have taken vasostat made by cytosport, I dont know if that is what you are referring to, but you can get 180 pill online if you type in vasostat under a google search. GNC sucks for any supplements, their NO2 doesnt work, but vasostat definently made me have almost painfull pumps and kept me hard for about 3 hours after workout. Make sure to at leat double the recommended.

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    Im taking vaso xp now and it seems like it working. Nothing incredible, but my pumps are stronger and I stay in the gym longer wiht more endurance. Motivates me more than anything, I feel strong and want to stay longer. My results may be skewed though, as I started taking Creatine EE at the same time I started the vaso xp, and results may be coming from that instead. I'll continue to take no2 supplements, or arginine atleast, Im impressed.

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