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    Estro Suppression and the Immune System

    Is it true that if the estrgen is too low the immune system will become weakened and the research subject could become sick? Too much estro suppression is bad, no?

    I think that if a research subject was exposed to 4ad/4oht/M5 and 2.5mcg/day of Letro that the estro might be overly suppressed leading to a susceptibility to colds and flu. Ideas?

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    Well certain androgens weaken the immune system and cetain ones strengthen it. Ive never heard of estrogen playing a part in it though.

    Are you gyno prone? If not then you dont need 2.5 mgs of letro ed I have gyno and successfully cycled with just 1.25mg ed and 20-40mg nolva ed.

    You really only need .5mg to 1mg ed to really control bloat and estrogen if your not gyno prone or already have gyno.

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