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Thread: 1-AD and acne

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    1-AD and acne

    I've been on my 1-AD cycle for about two weeks now and the stubborn acne that was on my shoulders, chest, and arms is completely gone. I have noticed this on previous cycles as well. Then, after like 4 months without a cycle, the acne mysteriously showed up and was a bitch to get rid of. I tried Dawn and that helped. Why is this happening? I would think that the exact opposite would be know, more testosterone , more acne, anyone got an explanation for this?

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    1-AD actually supresses your test levels, not increase it. Testosterone is the only steroid that increases testosterone, all others supress it. But, it is odd that your acne goes away, most androgens tend to cause more acne. I dunno.

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    Same type of thing happens to me....

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