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    Why the FDA will kill more people than it will help

    Obesity is an epidimic in America right now and 100 of thousands of people are dying due to obese related illnesses. Well the thing I hate is how the FDA will go ahead and ban ephedrine then ephedra just because a few people that didnt use it correctly died from it. I never saw the real danger in ephedrine/ephedra when used at the right dosage. I have used many times in the past and have been pleased with the results.

    Everybody on this board knows that without ephedrine/ephedra, there is no real thermogenic fat loss benefits. So what happens, the FDA bans ephedrine and says its ok to use the herb ephedra. They ban that and what happens next, along comes Leptoprin and all the other 153 dollar a bottle fat loss miracles. Come on, that is just ridicolous. I cant belive these people are even allowes to run ads like this on TV.

    Well the end result is gonna be that the uninformed people will lose the weights off their wallets but not their bodies. There is about 3 different companies out there promoting these 153 dollar a bottle weight loss miracles. Well the people that know can still get their ephedrine through other means. (Vaso-pro) But for the people that are expecting a one pill fat loss stimulant will empty their wallets in hopes of success and will end up being fatter than ever. The end result is that America will get fatter faster and die of obese related illnesses because the actual products that do help people lose weight are banned.

    Thatsmy rant, sorry if I offended any one.

    Thanks Dan Duchaine your vision will live on

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    In 2002 there were more asprin related deaths than ephedra related.

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    In my believe they created a public scare simply to take off the market Ephidrine HCL which as the raw ingredient of meth which is a serious problem in the US. I dont agree with the removal of ephedra alkaloids which is the herbal, non synthetic form. Personally is still can find it at several gas stations but thought i would add that bit of insight.

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    BTW, if I am not mistaken, the ephedrine ban is on its way out the door, if it hasn't been reversed already. Charged UP is right, it was public scare and outcry that caused the ban. Also, the ban was soft. The product was banned, but retailers were allowed to clear out their remaining inventories, which is why you still see it alot at gas stations and places along those lines (where inventories were high for truckers).

    While I am commenting on your rant, I will include one of my own. Part of the "problem" in the US is people thinking they need any drug (including ephedrine) to lose weight/fat. This is a gross misconception, and needs to be recognized. I am not a supporter of the FDA (though I sound like it here), but they are a scapegoat as often as they are the problem. I lost a lot of weight (almost 100lbs) in 9 months. I didn't take one pill with ephedrine. I say if we want to talk about it, let's educate people about the use of a proper diet and workout routine (a lifestyle change) and not worry about what kind of money fad diets and weight loss pills bring in.

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