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    CEE and NOxplod...

    Is there a need to take CEE and NOxplod both preworkout? I am taking cell mass pwo and NOxplod pre workout. I just got some more CEE from All The Whey... It says to take 2-3 servings a day. What would be better for gains( not worried about running out of the stuff, i have plenty) Take one serving of CEE in the morning, one serving with noxplod preworkout, and then 1 serving for pwo........ or, one serving in the morning, NOxplod only proworkout, and one serving cee pwo.

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    the thing about CEE that makes it unique to the creatine world is that the timing is nowhere near as important as with monohydrate. because of the ester attached it will slow absoption down. taking it consitantly at the same time day in and day out is more important than what time of day you take it. If i were you i would take a serving AM and one post wo-assuming you work out around the same time ED. also since you already have the xplode go ahead and take it, but many have found that while taking CEE the pumps you get are already amazing!

    My CEE dosages:

    2.25g AM
    2.25g PWO

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    thanx bro

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    best affects for me are

    2.5 in the am

    2.5 preworkout


    just 5 grams all in one pop 1 hour preworkout

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    can someone post up a link to scotts finest CEE, heard its really good and in pill form already

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