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    Twin Labs' Tribulus Fuel Extreme

    This is good stuff, right? Claims to have 20% protodioscin.

    I need to take at least 3 grams of trib to help with pct, right? What are these dosed at? How many caps do I have to take? Should I take them before workout all at once? Anyone here who has actually tried this brand? Good results?

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    twinlabs tribulus fuel extreme are 250mg tabs.
    because they are a concentrated tribulus extract high in protodioscin %,20%
    i would recommend you use 2 tabs 3 times per day.
    imo 3-6 grams asmany recommend are for lower quality tribulus supps as many state their saponin % but make no mention of protodioscin% the specific saponin required to raise LH levels.

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    I had a guy trying to sell me that tribestan for triple what the twin lab costs, he claimed twin lab was garbage so I asked him why he would be selling garbage in his store? wouldnt you stand behond your products? so I told him to upsell the idiot who will fall for that, IMO twinlab trib fuel is great for the price and I usually use around 3 gms ED along side clomid/nolva during PCT

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    Thanks guys. I'm ordering some today.

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