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    Dex,whey,water and CREATINE

    Can I mix them all together for my PWO?

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    the dex and whey absolutly, i myself add my creatine in also, but some peopl say it MAY have some effect, but id say ur safe, nothing to reall worry about, ne one have a more scientific answer???

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    Here is my understanding in layman terms

    Dextrose will resupply glucose to ur muscles and spike insulin levels. Now that the insulin levels are up you will be able to digest the protein and nutrients faster. Creatine will also be sucked up by the muscles quicker too.

    The only thing is. The creatine I have has dextrose in it-46 grams. So I dont need to add dex after my workout. Maybe check ur creatine to see how much dex is in it.

    My first intelligent post,nervous, Hopefully I am correct.

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    its all good, i throw in around 80-90g of dex, 40g of protein, and 5g of creatine into my PWO shake

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