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Thread: Blitz vs NOX

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    Blitz vs NOX

    I really only use my NOX twice a week, because i only use weights twice a week, so my only concern is energy, n getting a boost to get in the gym n rip out a good workout. Which would u guys prefer, blitz or NO xplode, or eve somethign cheaper thatll give me good pumps n energy??? like i said i only use it 2-3 times a week

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    no xplode is cheaper, and probaly just as good as blitz. I wouldnt waste my money on any overpriced Fizogen products.

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    I wouldnt waste my money on either... you know the rant about CEE, just buy a capping machine, and 500 g's or more of CEE and save tons and tons of money. That is about 100-120 days of dosage for about 45-55$ depending on the capping machine

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