Got a question for you protein gurus. I started a office job about 3 months ago right out of college, leaving much less time for real food meals and cardio/workouts. Right now Im doing the best I can as my job keeps me extremely busy. Although, I am able to get in about 3-4 meals at work. The only problem is the majority of them are mostly whey for protein. What I usually do though is eat a low-fat string cheese stick (9 grams protein but 2 grams sat fat) and about 30-40 grams whey along with a reasonably healthy kashi granola bar. I'll do that a few times at work. For breakfast I'll have some Uncle Sams cereal with 1 cup milk fat-free milk (8 grams protein) and 30-40 grams whey, and right before bed I'll have 6 oz low-fat cottage (20 grams protein) cheese and 30 grams whey. The other meals I do my best to include no whey powder except my PWO shake. I guess Im just asking if the 8-20 grams of protein I get from these dairy based foods enough to substantially slow the digestion of the whey powder taken at the same time? I used to mix healthy fats and oils with my whey to try to slow the absorption but upon further research that doesnt work to well either. Any ideas on this?