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    Cell Tech and Nitro Tech

    I am 18 years old and currently weighing only 165. I have taken a cycle of deca 300 and people tell me i am too young and unlike most kids on here i am actually taking the advice and not doing another cycle until later in my life. I was wondering if you guys think that cell tech and nitro tech will do me good for weight gains and muslce mass. Also where can i find it for a cheaper price than at gnc. Thanks

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    muscle tech is good stuff but way over priced, optimum has the best cheapest protien imo, and unless it was free i would never again buy cell tech, look for cee creatine, sci fit makes a product called kre alk****e pretty good ish.

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    I would stay away from Cell tech. Its expensive Creatine mixed with sugar and other crap you probably don't need. Just buy pure creatine monohydrate Prolab makes some good stuff which is around 30 dollars a kilo. If you take it properly and mix it with heavy lifting you will see weight gains.

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    just make your own cell tech look up homeade celltech.I think there is a post here on it.

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    I made the stuff, cost me about 45 bucks to make about 150 servings.

    I had good gains, and others that have done the same thing have seen these gains too.

    PM and Ill tell you how to get the ingredients the cheapest (the cheapest places for the dextrose and creatine

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