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    Quick Response Needed Please!!

    I just got done with surgery 2 weeks ago to the day on my acl and miniscus and tommorow i am attempting to crutch to the gym and try and get back into my liftin program slowly... my question is when i was lifting before my surgery i was taking vitamins which i have continued to get back on and i was takin dietary supplements... i was wondering if it would be ok knowing my injury to get back on these supplements....

    Dexatrim Natural
    Carb Cutter
    NO Xplode
    Cell tech

    im thinking on doin everything but the cell tech... please respond and tell me what is safe and what isnt... also keep in mind im taking 10mg of perkasit every 4 hours... thank you

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    I would up the Percocet to 20mgs every 2 hours.

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    for this kind of question, talk to your doctor bro.

    in my opinion only I would only take the cell tech, its only overpriced creatine and dextrose anyways, wont harm anything. And why are you getting in the gym so early, take some rest and let that knee heal up - you have your whole life to lift. You mess that thing up stumbling or straining wrong, you lose months maybe years of progress.

    Ive had knee surgery three times and ankle surgery twice from football and baseball injuries - Im tellin ya, the one time I didnt give the ankle enough time to heal it was a bad deal. Your acl and miniscus dont take that long to heal post surgery anyway before you can start rehab.

    Just my opinion bro,

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    alright thanx but with the brace locked i virtually cant reinjur it and the doc tells me to not take any supplements period - no creatine no nothing he says its garbage and can hurt my kidneys basically hes one of those docs that just say no to all those dietary supplements so i was coming here for advice

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    IMO (Im no doctor) supplements won't hurt you unless they cause you to work out harder and you re-injure your knee. By the same token a lot of those supplements won't do jack shit unless your working out hard so you may be pissing your money away!! Also, Cell Tech?? No matter what the advertisements say Ronnie Coleman doesn't use the shit! Do you find the NO-explode makes you feel bloated/full of gas? I took it a couple of times and it messed with my stomach.

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