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Thread: Xyience Xngf

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    Apr 2005

    Xyience Xngf

    Has anyone here tried XYIENCE XNGF? or heard any information on it?

    I would like to try it out and am just wondering if anyone knows much about it or has had experience with it.

    How is it best used?

    and if there are any other products similar that are's at $69.99 a bottle on their website


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    If its for weight loss, you should never be paying $70 for anything. Hell Clen goes for about $30.

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    Apr 2005
    does it really increase HGH? good muscle gains using it?

    what about their XTEST product?

    Where can you buy Hell Clen at?

    I am looking for a good supplement to aid in muscle growth, can ya'll recommend anything new or old?

    I have been out of the supplement loop for awhile and have no idea what is out on the market these days. Is m1T still available?

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    personally I wouldnt buy that xyience stuff. Unless you really like that girl that does those commercial. I do.

    Its just clen . If you want some click clen.

    M1T is no longer available legally.

    Try creatine mono.

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