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    Niacin and Vanadyl sulfate together?

    I used Vanadyl sulfate back in the day and got REALLY veiny.......I hear that niacin is good too for vascularity. Would it be ok to take both together? What dosages for niacin?

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    the highest safe therapeutic dose for niacin is 1500mg. you will never have toxicicty if you stay under 2grams.
    This is what they use for heart patients. you dont need more than 1500, but i have taken up to 3grams for a few weeks at a time.
    Take some extra b complex with it also. i took 3 b-100 tabs a day with 1500-3000mg of niacin. Watch not to over do the be complex though.
    Dont count the niacin in the b-complex cuz its not the same form and has no vasodilation proerties to it.
    Keep in mind with regular niacin, a very uncomfortable flush will be gotten from it. You will think you are dying, but dont worry, its safe as can be. You will turn sunburned red. Aspirin can elevaite it and take the niacin with food can help.
    you will have to build up to 1500mg. Start with the lwest dose niacin pills. I used the gnc 186mg pill and worked my way up to 250 then 500. After you have built a tolerance just take 500mg three times a day with food.
    Taking it before a workout can be interesting, but niacin has a sedative effect as well, and i think it may disrupt proper intensity sometimes. Experts say not to take more than 750mg at once. You wont die if you do, its just prolly hard on the liver. But niacin is good for your liver anyway so who cares i say. But i like 500 three times a day. Sometimes ill take 1gram at bed and it helps me sleep. Not to mention niacin is a strong GH stimulator. With glutamine and niacin you can get a 40 percent increase in GH. Niacin is also awsome for your good cholesterol. If you keep your niacin intake high most of your life you could really slash your cahnces of heart attack and stroke, cuz they have REVERSED arterial plaque with niacin and statins. there are studiesw. look it up. Its a great vitamin. I love it. It dose so much.

    As far as non-flush niacin, i have never used it. Time released preperations are bad for your liver, STAY WAY. Niacinamide wont give you any vasodilation or good choolesterol values, but dose increase insulin sensitvty. No flush forms like inositol hexanicotnate or inositol nicotinate(both are Niacin), may not be as good for vaso dialtion. Inositol hexanicotinate can help blood lipids though, regulaer niacin is still better for this. I have never used Inositol hexanicotnate or Inositol nicotinate, so i dont know if they will make you veiny. Regular niacin, yes. Afterawhile you will even get more pronounced veins on your head.

    I cant belive i wrote all that. Pm me if ya have any qustions.

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