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    On my first cycle have questions about other supps???????????

    I am on my first cyccle of Test-cyp. I am taking 200mg 2X a week(Monday and Thursday). I take multi -Vitamins, amino-acids after lifting, flax-seed oil, saw-palmetto, milk thistle.
    1. Should I keep taking creatine while on this cycle?
    2. What about Arginine, like super pump, NO2, NOexplode, etc........... should I
    take any of these?


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    Its not gonna hurt anything to stay on the creatine while on...but you'll find that the general suggestion is to just save it till pct. Thats when you'll need it most.

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    I personally would not take creatine, so that you can see how your body reacts to AAS alone. Like philitoolonganametowrite it.

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    only supps i buy are multivitamins, vitamin c, fish oil/flax oil, and protein powder. Spend most of your cash at the grocery store buying real food. if you have the cash, a good slow digesting protein powder blend is always great to buy.

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