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Thread: Prohormones

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    A guy is selling 1-ad on ebay and has a link to his website. Thought i would check it out, hes selling m1t, 1-ad and some cheap stuff similar to superdrol. Shipping is really cheap and fast however its from the UK. He's told me that its safe and that he has sold a lot to the US with no problems what so ever. i'm thinking of ordering as i can use paypal, would you guys recommend this? I understand that the product has to get through customs but he has told me nothing gets stopped, if the customs label is written properly.The site is if you want to see for yourself.

    Just wondered what you guys thought?


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    why not just go with sd or a "legal" pro-steroid . all those prices are 30 dollars higher than any "legal" product on the market. also, i don't know if you should leave that link up.

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    I am not 100% but I think 1-Ad is banned in the USA?? I don't know if customs (if coming into the states) would frown on this or not. I personally would not buy anything like that off ebay, you might get screwed.


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    importing it into the US carries the SAME penalties as regular steroids !!!!

    keep this in mind

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