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    Supplement experts need your help!!!

    Okay is there any fat burning supplement that will really make a difference when a good sound diet and exercise program are in check??? if so could you list the products name and company.

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    It depends on how sensitive you are to stimulants

    The most effective is going to be an Ephedrine/caffiene stack but this is very harsh for "the jitters"

    If you find you cant handle this then your next best bet is going to be the synephrine based fat burners as these are slightly less then the E based ones. still somewhat harsh though.

    A good premade on would have to be thermorexin is has all of the nesseccary ingredients

    You could also look into Xtreme Formulations Chizled it worksed gret for me and has an excellent ingredient profile.

    If you want something that isnt going to leave you feeling all hyped up then you should look into Avant labs HEAT stack it works through slightly defferent pathways and is mild as well.

    Of course you should stack all of these products with Sesathin as it is an excellent addition that really works for fat loss and has numerous other great properties.

    Keep the fish oils high and your set.

    This of course is not going into other pathways of fat loss like appettite and such.

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    agree with
    Thermorexin- avopharm

    would go a bit different company/formula wise on the others
    Levorex- avopharm (EGCG/ALCAR/EVODIAMINE...etc)
    Sesapure- scotts finest (sesamin/episesamin 60%)

    Fish oils- agree- but make sure to get enterically coated concentrated formulas

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    Ephedrine and Caffiene by far is the best.....
    throw in some SesaThin (from Avant Labs), Fish Oil, and some Green Tea Extract. bam. Your still fat after that, your screwing up on your diet big time.

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    E/C/ - stimulent (ephedrine and caffeine)
    Dicana from thermolife - to up thyroid when the E/C down regulates it
    sesamin from scivation + omega 3

    I do this for 4 weeks...then i take 4 weeks off and in that off period i take some lean xtreme from designer supps anything non stimulent and non adrenal gland burning basically just so my body gets a break...then i do the same stack again altering 4 weeks on and off

    I take all these at the same time...once in the morning before workout...once before lunch...once at dinner not late though it makes it hard to sleep.

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