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    Sd or Phera? Also Doses for my B/W

    Ok i have herd many good things about the two but which one do you think is better, this will also be my first cycle.. as far as my weight goes what would be a good dose? and should i cycle for 3 or 4 weeks? and can i continue on the Endothil. Anything else i might need to no would be great. thanks guys

    also what should be taken during my cycle? and what type of side effects besides acne should i expect

    A lil about me:
    5 7'
    Lift 5 Times a week

    Currently Taking:
    Multi Vitamins

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    for the next 7 days carry a pad around with you

    write everything down that you eat within those days.

    try to get calories and protein/fat/carb specifics as well.

    Post up in this thread in 1 week and ill give you some good advice in gainning weight.

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