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    20 yr old collegiate athlete need a lot of help, new user

    Hi I am currently about 5-11 170 lbs ideally I would like to get to about 190, I am a collegiate athlete. I am not seeing that much results anymore and need to get significantly stronger. I am about 17 percent body fat right now and just dont feel right. I am feeling out of shape and weak. I want to get on a rigrous training program and need to get on something to help me get stronger, not neccesarily steroids but some type of supplement that will help me reach my strength goals and body weight goals. Thanks for your help

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    I was once in your shoes a couple years ago...
    My advice would be go to the diet forum, and check out the diet stickies on how to "clean bulk" then get some sample diets, and recipies..
    Next go to the workout questions forum and look at the "Swolesquats, "Various Training Techniques, "Guidelines for Growth...and try them out. Trust me they work. Diet will get you where you need to go. A lot of people use supps when their diet is lacking and think they will just do the work for them. But they won't. Invest in a good multivitamin, and some Vit. C, and some whey protein (i use Optimum Nutrition)...
    The harder you work the more results you will see, then when you hit some stalling points or have questions about technique, or your diet, or how to train specifically come here and ask, and they will definately give you very useful pointers. Get your base of diet, and training plan down, and then post it and the Mods and everyone will critique and you'll be finely tuned in no time. Good luck man...

    And remember, "You never see big branches on small trees"

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    yea time is all you need if diet and training are in order! we have all been there! good luck

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