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Thread: Vanadyl Sulfate

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    Vanadyl Sulfate

    Does anybody us this stuff anymore, is it worth it. at dps nutrition ultimate nutrition brand its like 8 bucks. what are your thought or science on this. Thanks guys

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    I used it years ago, that was before I really knew what I was doing diet and training wise. I would say that it has some benefit to help with fat loss. I didn't even know it still existed.

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    i think its worthless

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    Its only good if used in dosages about 10x what supp companies sell it as. So you'll need to take about 100mg as opposed to 10mg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantz11
    Its only good if used in dosages about 10x what supp companies sell it as. So you'll need to take about 100mg as opposed to 10mg.
    I remember taking this supplement, back in the early 90's (I think that's when it can out). There was a concern about it being toxic, if an excessive dose was taken. Giantz11 do you know what dose this would be or if this is true.

    As a side note, I didn't care for the product and it actually made my forearms break out in bumps. Don't know why the hell that happened. It was the only supplement I was taking at the time so it was the v-sulfate.

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    dont bother with it. If you lookin for the insulinogenic properties go with chromium or if your lookin for somethin to help with pump get some citrulline malate or any nitric oxide product.

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    I've know it's used for vascularity and was going to try it out myself, but just never did. I have heard the toxic thing as well...

    not sure if that's corfirmed or not though

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    i've used when cutting and its great! Yes it has to be cycled.
    The dosage i have 1 tablet = 10g. So i take one per 10g of carbs in my pwo1 and pwo2. Since i'm cutting my pwo carbs are not huge, roughly 60g. So i'd take 5, with my ala. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. SwoleCat turned me on to this stuff!

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    same here, worx great for me, i only use it when i get reall lean for vasc...

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