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    will being on ephedra and working out really hard give me a heart attack?

    will being on ephedra and working out really hard give me a heart attack? because the ephedra product eca has ephedra plus caffinee with both raise your heart beat and after i workout alone without eca my heart is racing im afriad if i take eca plus workout really hard that i will have a heart attack

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    From a T-mag ARTICLE:

    Factors Influencing Sensitivity to Sympathomimetic Amines

    Factor: Age
    Example: Children, elderly

    Factor: Genetics
    Example: Altered metabolism

    Factor: Physiologic states
    Example: Exercise, underweight

    Factor: Dieting practices
    Example: Severe caloric or fluid restriction

    Factor: Medications and food
    Example: Certain antihypertensive medications, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, caffeine or other stimulants

    Factor: Diseases
    Example: Heart, thyroid or seizsure disorder, high blood pressure, depression, psychiatric conditions, prostate enlargement

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    I think that the people that were having the major problems(dieing) were out of shape and popping too much ephedrine. I like to take it when I cut to give me that extra energy when I lift. It helps keep my strength up, therefore I keep most of the muscle that I gain. I try to stay away from it before I do cardio. I only use it for the lifting. I also heard you should only take it 3 times a week because your body would get used to it. I do not see any problem for you to take it as long as you are in decent shape, dont have any health problems, and dont take an overdose of it. Remember its the diet and cardio that are going to make you lose the fat, not the pills. Thats just my opinion.

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    all things in modertation is my motto!

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    Originally posted by redrumkev
    all things in modertation is my motto!
    Exactly, if you take 2 times the recommended dosage, don't eat for 2 days then do intense cardio in the heat, all while you have had heart problems in the past then chances are you might have some problems. But done in moderation you will be fine, get a docs opinion on your health first.


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    Just like everyone's saying, don't be stupid and take a bunch. Any kind of supplement that's not food, just take a little and see what it does to you. ECA hits you pretty good, it's the kind of thing that's best increasing dosages slowly to make sure you can stand it.

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    Yup that has always been my thought on all these heart attacks that have been caused by these ephedrine/caff pills... what all of the news shows fail to mention is diet!!!!!! and how many pills they were popping

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