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    Have u guys studied the new myoplex formula?

    I just wonder why the noticeable price increase...Has anyone seen better gains with it??

    I mean i am 6'3 160 and 6% bf and about to do my first cycle and maybe i could go with alot cheaper mass goal is to gain about 30-40 pounds with this cycle as i have been training 5 years and eating about 3000 calories aday but on my cycle probably about 5-6 k
    Could anyone pm me the cheapest source cause we arent into posting sources on the boards?

    Does anyone have any specific links..on if this triple stage process really is needed or we just consume more frequently?

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    When it comes to putting on size, especially when on gear, real food is all you need, ok except postworkout you'll need some whey protein. I say forget the pricey stuff, just find something a bit cheaper that tastes good, with good amount of protein in it. I prefer PRO-RATED. It's cheap, tastes pretty good, now others will have other opinions but to me 10 lbs for $40 can't be beat. Just take a look on

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