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    1ad and 4ad cycle starts monday

    Well everyone I am about to start another cycle monday. My last cycle was 1AD at 600mgs a day and I was very pleased with the results. This time I am adding 4AD to the mix at 900mgs a day and the product is androdiol select by ergopharm, is this a good 4AD if not what do yall recommened. This will also be a cutting cycle. I might also bump the 1AD to 800mgs a day or should I just stay at 600mg because I will be adding 4ad. Oh I will also be taking vpx liquid clenbutrx for the first 4 weeks of my cycle then stay off 2 weeks then get back on for another 4 weeks.

    Doses are like this:
    Weeks 1-6 1AD 600 or 800mgs a day
    Weeks 1-6 4AD 900mgs a day
    Weeks 1-4 Vpx Liquid clenbutrx
    Weeks 6-10Vpx Liquid clenbutrx

    Any help is appreciated

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    I would begin @ 600mgs of 1AD, increasing if you are not experiencing the type of gains you seek, and provided no side effects present themselves.

    It is essential that you use an ant-e post-cycle for purposes of recovery; if wishing to go OTC, Ergopharm's 6-OXO is the best option (2bottles will be needed given your cycle specifics).

    Dose as follows, beginning the day after your last day of 1AD/4AD use.
    Wk1: 600mgs/day
    Wk2: 400mgs/day
    Wk3: 400mgs/day
    Wk4: 300mgs/day

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