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    Here's what pisses me off!!!

    If I hear or see one more damn company advertising an EPHEDRA-FREE product being "the most potent fat burner ever created", I'm gonna go nuts! It is amazing the blatant lies that can simply be stated by these companies, and you have all sorts of people throwing out money for this garbage. Now I do realize that there are dangers to abusing ephedra, but the shit works!!! I don't care what kind of junk they mix together to create a "safer" compound, it still doesn't compare to the tried and true ECA. So let me get this straight: to avoid further lawsuits, the supplement companies are taking the ephedra out of their fat burners, yet no one seems to be complaining that the same exact compound minus THE key ingredient is being advertised as improved? Sounds like false advertising if I've ever seen it. Am I the only one who feels this way??? OK, phew, just needed to vent there a little bit. . . All better now
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    I feel the same way! I dont buy the ephedra-free products they suck hands down....dont waist your money, you might as well have a bunch of cups of coffie or coke, instead with the new formula. Dont get RIPPED OFF trying to get shredded.


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    the general public is easily swayed one way or another.. what are supp companies supposed to do when ephedra sales go down from all the negativity? lol.... for those in the know, there are still ephedra products out there.. just dont' believe in the hype and you are okay... who has time to convince people who'll be convinced otherwise tomorrow?

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