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    1-AD 4-AD stack.....

    I plan on doing another 1-AD cycle, last time it was for only 2 weeks @600mg a day and had awsome results. This time around im going to to do 500mg a day for 5 weeks, and stack it with some AST 4-AD @500mg a day for 4 weeks, then start up a bottle of 6-0X0. Im 5'7" 170lbs, What do you guys think of the dosages, do they look alright? Also how were your results with this stack?
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    On your first cycle I am suprised it did anything the 2 week is when it started kicking in for me I would do 1ad start out at 300 mgs and work up from there anything over 600mgs is usless I heard and for 4ad do start out at 750mgs and work up form there warrior did one that was 300mgs 1ad and 900mgs 4ad if I am not mistaken the 6-oxo is a good post I ran tribex 500 and was fine

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