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    aspirin and muscles

    does aspirin really hinder the body's ability to increase muscle??

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    I've never heard that. I'm not sure if I believe it...think about how many people do the ECA stack. If the aspirin in the stack hindered gains...people wouldn't do it.

    However I did hear something about ibuprofen and hindering of gains. I can't back that one up either though.

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    ibuprofen was shown to hinder aspirins effects

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    If anything would hinder gains it would be the ephedrine/caffeine without aspirin. White willow bark which contains the precursor to aspirin, salicin actually has blood vessel dialating effects where as the ephedrine and caffeine constrict the blood vessels.

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    yea it does, but not like it sounds, it blocks your stomachs ability to assimalte protein, or absorb it. so you dont get as much and waste your money bc you piss and shit the buildin block of muscle out. so yea.

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    From what i remember, aspirin will have the effect ddbal mentioned - but not all the time, just if you take it with a meal - then that meal's protein will be less assimilated.

    I do remember studies being done to say anti-infalmmatories like ibuprofen actually lower your bodies ability to increase muscle size. Yea, you don't feel as much pain, and you get less inflammation, but you could be getting smaller gains. I don't know for sure how strong this effect is, but i've seen reports on it. (i think there was an article in Muscular Development a few months, i try to look up the studies that they cite when they make claims that i'm interested, i have the advantage of having access to medical/scientific journals for free (well, the cost of tuition anyway))

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