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    VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!--Chromium Picolinate and your body.

    Hey guys, I've studied how chromium picolinate works for awhile, and it regulates your blood sugar throughout your body. Well, my friend is wanting to take it, and he is a diabetic. He ordered around 100 pills offline hoping it would help him out with his diabetes because it says it regulates insulin and your bloodsugar, balancing them out very well. Can you guys tell me if this would be helpful or harmful to him? The last thing i want is another one of my dudes dyin on me...

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    My mom is diabetic and uses chromium..the only advice I can give is for your friend to take it but montior is glucose levels..



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    I was under the impression that the reason why people are diabetic is because their pancreas can't produce enough insulin , or your body can't use the insulin you produce as well as it should. Now, if this substance stimulates insulin production, then it would probably be great for your friend. The same goes if it increases cell sensitivity to insulin. I would have him talk to his doctor about it, and if he decides not to do this, to definitely monitor his sugar, especially around the times of his insulin dose, if he takes insulin.

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    get the advise of your physician if he is worried about it,
    He is better safe then sorry.

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