Hi I am starting up an internet store in australia and I need help with selecting flavours.

For the whey protein blend I can choose from:
Rich Chocolate
Butter Cream Toffee
Berry Blast
Smooth Banana
Chocolate Mint
Cafe Mocha
Gourmet Vanilla

Due to capital restraints, I do not want to stock all flavours so I need to narrow down to 3 flavours.
So far i have in mind:
Chocolate, Butter Cream Toffee (replace the usual vanilla) and Berry Blast (as a strawberrey replacement). Do you guys have any suggestions? I mean chocolate is a must of course, but then if u add choc mint, its still chocolaty... so i dunno.

then for a post workout shake i can choose berrey blast, vanilla and choc. i dont want to repeat berry so i am thinking of JUST choc and vanilla

is this ok? or u think a fruit flavoured beverage post workout is more appropriate