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Thread: Dyma-bol

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    I was reading about Dyma-bol on allsportsnutrition. It seems to deliever alot of pro-hormones including 1-AD, 4-AD, 5-AD, 10 Noroandrostenedione, Nor Androstenediol, 4 Androseten, 17-dione, etc etc. It sounds decent, but I have two questions. Wouldn't all these prohormones delivered into your system at once be harmful? Has anyone tried this product, what kind of results did you get??

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    That's a lot of Andro products at one time. I doubt it would be particularly dangerous, but I doubt the average person can metabolize all of those at one time. Your body has to turn each of those things into 1-testosterone (free testosterone). I guess the basic principal is that your body may not be able to convert one or two or even three of the individual pro-hormones, but if you bombard the body with all of them, you're going to get the maximum amount metabolized.

    I would say to break up the dosage into several small amounts and take it every two or three hours. That way, your body has a much higher chance of metabolizing a much higher amount into 1-test.

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