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    Question Which one is closest to Xena RFA 1??

    OK, brainiacs!! Help a brotha out! Which one of these supps. is closest to the Original Xenadrine RFA 1??? I've found Maxadrine and Metabadrine, both are claiming to be the "same" as RFA 1. Are they both full of *$@#?? Or is one or both of them 4real? And since I'm asking some "great" questions, anyone know anything about the Anna Nicole supp? TrimSpa? She does look MUCH BETTER!! Unless of course you like LOTS of meat on your ladies bones!!
    Any info. on the best FAT BURNING supp. would be great.

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    i havent tried the maxadrine but i have the metabadrine, i think its close to the xenadrine rfa-1 makes me vieny, full of energy so yea i think thats the one to go with!

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