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    Can Someone Help Clear This Up???

    Here's just the beginning of an article I found today on yahoo...

    "WASHINGTON - Over-the-counter painkillers work well for most people, but ignoring the directions and misusing them can result in severe, even lethal, side effects, says a new government campaign aimed at educating patients."

    (Rest of Article- )

    ....I don't understand why the FDA wouldn't try this with ephedra? I understand that this deals with painkillers and I see more people needing painkillers than ephedra. If you go on to read the article you can see parallels to making the same case for ephedra. I don't know...just curious to see what anyone else thinks.

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    The FDA is kind of odd. It's really all politics. There are a lot of things out there that kill lots of people every year, they are sold over the counter and nobody thinks to take them off the shelves. The government says that America is too fat, but every product that's put out there to control it is pulled off the market.

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    Like said above it's all politics.

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    Yeah, it really is all politics, I was reading a flex magazine at the grocery store when I came across a section were 2 governers are trying to ban some sport supplements, I kinda forgot what they were trying to ban since I only glanced at it in the food store. But yeah, I think this sux. Plus I bet these stupid governers don't even go on to reasearch the supp's and find out how they work and the few people that can mess it up for us all.

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    ditto to what DBarcelo said

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