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    Protein mixed with L-Glutamin?

    Has anyone ever had a problem with taking protein supp mixed with glutamin powder? I've been mixing my protein and glut powder into one drink for the last few weeks. Seemed like a good idea. But I've recently been experiencing some major headaches about 30 minutes after taking the supps. Any counter-active results from mixing the two and ingesting at the same time.

    Also, what about creatine supps? Any adverse reaction if you take your creatine with your protein or glutamine (or all 3)?

    Thanks for any feed back. I've been reading the board for a month or so and this is my first post.

    take care

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    I don't see a problem

    Here is my post workout shake off season, 100g maltrexrin, 50g whey, 10g of Glut. peptides, 5g creatine, worked well for me so far.

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    That is'nt such a good idea

    IMO You are really wasting your supplements when you are taking them all at once. You see, your body can only absorb so much protien at one time, there fore any excess that you have will either be cast off as waste, or turned to BF. I too use to take my creatine along with my glutaimine. I have sense learned that both will fight for absorption and you will not get the full benifit of either one. You should take them about 20 minutes or more apart. As far as the protien shakes and the glutamine. Keep your shakes throughout the day as they will have extra calories that you will need for your caloric needds. Try the glutamine early in the moring and right before you go to bed at night as the glutamine will not contain extra calories than what you are injesting.

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