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    CE2 Creatine: thoughts on it?

    Well Ed Byrd was the guy who introduced the original Creatine, so if he's the one who introduces this product, does that make it the real deal?

    I just received my Physical magazine via GNC and this ad caught my attention. CE2 is supposed to be "total absorbing" creatine.

    I tried looking this up on the internet to absolutely no avail. I cant find any information whatsoever on it, so all I have to go on is the advertisement.

    Basically the idea is that regular creatine has a hard time penetrating your muscle tissue, so they "wait in line" (in your stomach) for their turn to enter the muscle. The problem there is that while its "waiting in line" in your stomach to enter your muscle, it supposedly disolves and you urinate it out. So supposedly you're only getting about 2% of the creatine your drinking.

    CE2 somehow, supposedly (i'm going to use this word a lot), coats the negative charged portion of the creatine, which in turn makes it stable in liquid, which means you get more of it.

    Also, regular creatine supposedly cannot pass through the bodys "lipidmembrane barriers" as well as this CE2 product can. Theres a diagram of a cell that shows about 100 regular creatine molecules or watever you want to call them, circuling a cell, and only very few entering the cell.

    The diagram of the CE2 however, shows a significant number of creatine molecules penetrating the cell.

    This has to do with the claim that CE2 is lipophilic, which supposedly lets it penetrate the membrane barriers of your muscle tissue.

    This is very interesting to me and I'm thinking on trying it solely on the basis that I'm assuming Ed Byrd is credible. I mean look what this article did. It actually TELLS you that of all the 5 grams of creatine you take, your body only absorbs .10 grams of it.

    Any thoughts on this? Is Ed Byrd creditable enough to warrant this supplement a try?

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    I believe Ed Byrd is a genius and know for a fact that there is hard cash behind his research team. I loved NO2 and plan on using NO2 & CE2 when I come off cycle.

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