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    Question rALA from different vendors


    what the difference beside the price between rALA from AST ($26.97 for 90 caps) and rALA from ProLab ($7.79 for 60 caps)?
    For $26 I could have 180 caps of rALA from ProLab.

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    Check the amount of MG's per pill then make a decision. Prolab is IMO a pretty average company quality wise.

    Another brand you might wanna look at is Syntrax's "R". I believe its $15 for 100 capsules 100mg/each. Syntrax puts out some excellent products.

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    none of those companies provides an assay even on request.

    it has been widely surmised that AST just relabled their racemate (50/50) (r/s) as R lipoic. Since a number of users have indicated no difference between it an racemate, Literally just changing the label. Which would make sense, as they changed the label and did not update their website nor the price (which is the same as the 90ct 200mg racemate product). Which seems kind of odd since the R+ raw material cost 6-10 times as much as racemate.

    as a note- MOST manufacturers (raw material) sell anywhere from 70-90% R+ (which is technically ok, though not from the users standpoint) as R+, the cost of such material is much less that for pure 99.9% pure R+.

    the only product that provides an accurate assay is Glucorell, which also provides the requisite biotin.

    note- there is bias since helped develop and source the material for glucorell, also the reason for knowledge regarding the serious purity issues. sadly of which most supp companies are unaware or uncaring.

    note2- use the afdiscount code to save cash on glucorell.

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