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Thread: Failure advice

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    Failure advice

    Hey guys just wondering whether people think going to failure on last set only is enough to fully fatigue the muscle.
    I live in the country and do not have access to a real gym. just a couple of benches , bars power racks and a ****load of weight. no spotter either.
    I find that i have to really warm up alot cause i don't want to bring back old work injuries.

    I normally do for bench, for instance, warm up with just bar, 2 sets with 1 plate, 1 set with 2 plates then finish of with 1 set with just over 3 plates to failure.
    When i workout there is noone else around at all so i cannot get anyone to spot.

    I find i do get progressively heavier wheights, but its hard to tell what size gains i'm getting.

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    The way I warm up is to do 3 warm-up sets...(about to get Max-OT on ya) I find that with this warmup I have maximum power left for fatiguing sets...yet still am very prepared for them:

    1st warmup set is a higher volume about 10 rep set with little-to-no weight...just get your muscles moving...

    2nd warmup set is a little more weight about 40% of your target working about 4-5 reps...this is more muscle warmup / begins to acclimate the nerves that will be utilized

    3rd warmup set is even more weight about 70% of your target working weight only do 1-2 reps...this set is to load the portion of the nervous system that will be used in the exercise...

    NOTE: None of the warmup sets should be fatiguing at all...if you feel any burn in the muscle you're doing too many reps for that warmup set.

    The target working weight I refer to is the weight that you would fail after doing 5-6 reps of. I believe all target weight sets should be done to complete failure...Hope this works for you! Best of luck bro.

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    Hey bro, cheers for the reply.

    Sounds like you warm up pretty much the same as me. except i have probably been doin less actual working sets.

    When you talk about the fatigue sets, how many would you perform,

    3 sets of the same weight to failure or maybe a 10, 8 , 6 to failure on all.

    Just wondering.

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    on the floor
    I read recently in "Research" section of Muscular Development that a recent study proved doing a final set to failure promotes growth hormone ...

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