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    injury related q

    hey all...
    i had to take 3 weeks off working out due to an injury...i was an injury to the eye, not a muscle injury... i just started lifting weights again on monday, i started light so i didnt hurt any muscles... how long or how many times should i work a muscle group before i can go back to my lifting weight before my injury without hurting any muscle???

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    It actually is fine to take a couple of weeks off for something like this cause it gives your body a chance to build muscle with rest you are getting. I would work one week with slightly lighter weights and higher reps and get a feel from there. If you are doing higher reps close to what you were lifting at you will probably be ok to start lifting back to normal after that. Everyones body reacts differently to time off so get a feel for it after the first week.

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    Like doby48 said, everybody reacts diffrently. But do take it easy as you are injured. Lift light and slowly move your way up till you feel cumfy with the weight ur on and then go from there. Dont train 2 hard coz u dont wanna injure urself even more. Taking sometimes off before comeing bak to gym is a good idea especially when injured

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    Yes, and don't strain....more possible injury to your eye.

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    depending on your training past, i train the first week semi hard to get the pain out of the way of being out of it, and then the 2nd week i bust ass like i normally do, i dont try to do the same i could, unless its only been like 2 weeks..

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    Same as decadbal for me but I agree with being wary about your eye. I know that the bp in my body shoots up while lifting so take care of that eye number one or you might have to take more time and even longer off. My impatience has led me to having to do just that when I have gotten injuried in the past.

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