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Thread: Injuries

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    Hey, wuts up, I'm new to the forums, and have been working out for about 4 years now. I had some questions about a couple injuries that I have that, sometimes prevent me from working certain parts of my body. The first is, I think, a tendon problem in my shoulder (deltoid). When I stretch or rotate it around it pops. It hasn't really bothered me too much lately, i believe its getting a little better. But is there some exercise I can do that would like stretch the tendon out or help my shoulder 'heal'?

    The second is more of a problem, its lack of cartilage in my knee. I went to the doctor about it, and he told me to take aspiren, and this glucosamine/chondroitant stuff, he also told me it 'might' heal when I'm in my twenties. If I dont take all the pills in the morning with my breakfast, I'll be limping around the rest of the day. I dont really know if you guys can help me with this but, I would really appreciate any advice. I am suppose to be starting up my kickboxing class this summer, and I dont want to be handicapped by my knee. I dont know where this problem came from, I am only 18, and already I have a bad knee.

    Thanks for any help, and you can expect many more noobie questions from me later on in the year.


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    This site helps me answer almost every sports injury question.

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