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    I less really better then more????

    I've been working out for about 6 years now. Though i've made some good gains over this time, i know i have yet to reach my true potential. My concern is, when i train a bodypart say on Monday, I feel i need to train it again by Wednesday or Thursday because it feels softer and smaller. I read alot about training a bodypart once every 6-7 days, while others say that a muscle recovers after 48-72 hours.

    I'm currently using the split similar to Dorian yates of:
    Mon: Back
    Tue: Shoulders/Triceps
    Wed: Rest
    Thur: Legs
    Fri: Chest/biceps
    Sat: Rest
    Sun: Repeat.

    I'm eating heaps and varying my routines regularly. Am i just destined to stay this weight naturally, and steroids be the only answer? Not that i'll ever stop taking them.

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    Your intensity is probably too low. If you do 6 sets of three different excercises with you max weight. Your body may be ready to take another pounding that week, but it will not be ready two days later.

    My advice would be dial up the intensity (more weight per time).

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    In 6 years experiene you know as well as anyone on this site that growth could mean a change in many things, maybe one thing, but you've got to look at everything. Just thinking about your workout split is not the only thing you can review. C'mon I don't need to tell you that......

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    I find if I train only 4 days out of the week maybe 5 I grow the best, the more rest the more time to grow. Just keep the weight heavy and the intensity high.

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    if you can work the mus out 2 days later, up the wt and intensity bro..

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    I don't know about doing a muscle on Monday and then again on Wednesday. I do chest and triceps on Monday and then again on Thursday. But then again I'm 18 and my muscle recovers faster.

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