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    Question Replies wanted... Is this a GOOD/BAD workout for an increase in max?


    3x4 Bench 1st week (75%) 2nd week (80%) 3rd week (85%) 4th week (90%) 5th week (90%) 6th week (95%) 7th week (95%) 8th week (100%) 9th week (ONE REP MAX)

    3x8 seated military press

    3x8 Lat Pull Downs

    3x8 Biceps and Triceps

    3x8 One Arm Rows

    Ab Circuit 1 (Below)


    *Day Off or Cardio Workout
    *Ultra Light Lift

    One Lap Warm-Up Jog (400 meters)
    Full Dynamic Warm-up
    2 Mile Run CURRENT RUN: 12 minutes 16 seconds GOAL: 11 minutes 30 seconds


    3x4 Squat 1st week (75%) 2nd week (80%) 3rd week (85%) 4th week (90%) 5th week (90%) 6th week (95%) 7th week (95%) 8th week (100%) 9th week (ONE REP MAX)

    3x8 Leg Extensions

    3x8 Leg Curls

    2x20 Calves

    2x20 Hypers

    Ab Circuit 3 (Below)


    *Day Off Or Cardio Workout
    *Ultra Light Lift

    One Lap Warm-up Jog (400 meters)
    Full Dynamic Warm-Up
    5x200 meter sprints

    3x4 Incline 1st week (75%) 2nd week (80%) 3rd week (85%) 4th week (90%) 5th week (90%) 6th week (95%) 7th week (95%) 8th week (100%) 9th week (ONE REP MAX)

    3x8 Laying Down Cable workouts

    3x8 Dips

    3x4 Wide Grip Pull ups

    3x4 Narrow Grip Pull Ups

    3x8 Lat Pullovers

    3x8 Bent Rows

    Ab Circuit 2 (Below)


    *Rest Day
    *1x20 Pushups


    *Rest Day
    *Light 800 Meter Jog With 5 Pound Ankle Weights


    Ab Circuit 1: 2x20 Sit-Ups, 2x10 V-Ups, Twisting Sit-Ups
    Ab Circuit 2: 2x15 Crunches, 2x20 Partner Sit-Ups With Medicine Ball
    Ab Circuit/Endurance 3: Wall Sits 45 Seconds, 2x20 Hypers, Holds 30 Seconds Each

    Holds: Get in push-up position with elbows to your sides and drop your elbows to the floor so that your elbow should be bent at a 90 degree and as well as your shoulders should be near a 90 degree angle. Get in this position and hold for 30 seconds and then do the same thing sideways: One foot on the ground and one forearm, the other arm should be to your side.


    1. Bench Press 3 4
    2. Presses 3 8
    3. Upright Rows 2 12
    4. Lateral Raises 2 15
    5. Lat Machine Pulls 2 12
    6. Leg Press or Squat 3-4 20
    7. Leg Extension 3 8
    8. Leg Curl 3 8
    9. Calf Raises 2 20
    10. Reverse Curls 2 10
    11. Weighted Sit-ups 3 15
    12. Side-Bends with Dumbbells 2 25
    13. Neck Exercises 1 8 (All Directions)

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    It really depends on your body, but it seems like a bit much to me.

    If you're constantly increasing from 75% to 80% to 85% to 90% to 95% to 100%, how do you know how much weight to lift the next week. If you're working out to increase your max, then you should be able to lift more weight from week to week.

    When I work out, I put an amount on the bar I figure I can lift more than 7X, but less than 10X. If I can lift it 10 X's then I know I have to up it. If I can't lift it but 4 X's, then I know I have to lower it. If I can lift it 7 or 8 X's, then I know it's just right.

    I do three sets of flat benches with the same weight. I work out twice a week. The next time, I should be able to lift the same weight for at least one more rep per set. By the next week, I should be putting 10lbs more on the bar. I keep my body at the point that it can only lift the weight between 8 and 10 reps per set. I don't like to go below 8 reps, because I work out alone and I don't want to injure myself. Even if I worked out with a partner, I would probably still stay in the same range, because I get very good results in that range.

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    I would just skip that and go straight to WSB.

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